July 29, 2016

Meeting to discuss proposed closure of Bijou Street

Public Meeting Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 6:00pm
Centennial Plaza Apartments, 516 E Kiowa, Ground floor Multi-Purpose Room

At this meeting organized by MSRNA at the request of residents, neighbors are invited to hear from City staffers/contractors and discuss the proposal to interrupt Bijou Street at the creek.

Envision Shooks Run long-range plans call for Bijou Street closure, removing the bridge/culvert over the creek, putting a pedestrian bridge in its place, installing traffic turnarounds on both sides, and stabilizing the creek banks.

Closing Bijou Street is not a high priority project at this time and no transportation or stormwater funds are currently available or programed for it. The next Envision Shooks Run public meeting will be sometime this fall.

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