November 7, 2016

Crime and Neighborhood Safety

Seems like our close-to-downtown neighborhoods have seen a rash of break-ins and vehicle thefts. Here are some things you can do: watch for suspicious behavior. To know what looks suspicious, know your neighbors and their cars. Call 444 7000 or file an on-line Police report if you have had criminal behavior done to your property.
If there is an imminent threat to you or a neighbor, call 911.
Be a good witness, get a car license number, a physical description of the perpetrator, but do not confront at situation yourself. Use your cell phone camera if you have one.
Start with your own home and personal safety: are car doors locked, home locked, windows locked, security lights with motion detectors? Do you look before you answer your door? With the holiday approaching, talk with your neighbors about packages being delivered; and, would they be willing to hold them if you are not home? The criminal mind does not care about you, they just want your stuff and are opportunists. They do NOT want to be noticed and will avoid areas where there are people around.
More information about Neighborhood Watch can be found at:
and there’s a Neighborhood Watch training Nov. 16, Stetson Hills Police Station.

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