April 2, 2017

Keep Shooks Run green: Plant a tree!

MSRNA is pleased to announce our 4th annual neighborhood tree-planting project. Over the past five years we have planted over 90 trees in our neighborhood! To celebrate Arbor Day, we have been planting trees in the parks with the help of third-graders from Columbia Elementary. Mainly we buy trees from Trees Across Colorado and bring them to our neighborhood for homeowners to plant in their yards.

Our Sustainable Tree Fund helps replace trees lost to disease, old age and drought and helps diversify the urban forest shading our streets, yards, and homes with species suited to our climate. MSRNA members like you have helped support the Tree Fund with a portion of your membership dues.


Our priority is to increase the number of hardy trees planted along our streets, between the sidewalk and the curb (street trees). For this reason, we offer trees for street planting at half our cost and trees for yard planting at cost. The following trees will be planted in our neighborhood this year because of our tree project:

Medium to Large shade trees:
Bur Oak,    English Oak,   and Kentucky Coffeetree, and Glenleven (littleleaf) Linden

Smaller shade trees:
Tatarian Maple ‘Hot Wings’ and Tree Lilac ‘China Snow’

If you want to plant a street tree and think you have space for one, you’ll need to take these steps:

Questions? Contact us info@msrna.org