January 15, 2018

2018 MSRNA Tree Sale

Reserve your tree now!

UPDATE 3/15/18: We have only three trees remaining for adoption: 1 Tatarian Maple and 2 Tree Lilacs. All are ornamental trees perfect for small yards & underneath phone and power lines.

We are pleased to announce MSRNA’s fifth neighborhood tree planting project for this coming April. How it works: MSRNA buys trees from Trees Across Colorado then offers them for sale to residents in our neighborhood. TAC is a program of the Colorado Tree Coalition (coloradotrees.org) and provides trees to towns and community groups all over the state.

Over the past six years more than 100 trees have been planted to replace the many trees lost to disease, old age, and drought. Our neighborhood tree program diversifies the trees shading our streets, yards, and homes with species suited to our climate. Since 2012, a portion of each MSRNA membership has gone to the Tree Fund.

Our priority is to increase the number of hardy trees along our streets, between the sidewalk and the curb. For residents of the Middle Shooks Run neighborhood, we are offering trees for street planting at HALF our cost. Trees for yard planting are offered AT COST. All trees have 1 to 1-1/2 inch caliper trunk, are 6 – 8 feet tall, well-rooted, and the perfect size for homeowner planting. The trees come either “bare-root” or APC (air-pruned containers) that results in dense, vigorous root systems.


Smaller, flowering/ornamental trees (suitable for planting under power lines):

‘Hot Wings’ Tatarian Maple, ‘China Snow’ Tree Lilac, all are “bare-root”

$25 for parkway/street planting; $45 for planting in your yard

Descriptions and photos of each tree variety are available at coloradotrees.org/find/.

The number of trees is limited and trees are available first-come, first-served. Send an email to msrna.org and tell us the tree(s) you want. We will put you on the tentative list. Full payment reserves your tree. Make check payable to MSRNA; subject line “2018 Tree.” (send to: MSRNA Tree Project, c/o Nancy Strong, 420 North Franklin Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903). Please include a note identifying your preferred tree variety, with an alternative, and provide full contact information. Please note if your tree will be planted along the street or in your yard.

If you want to plant a street tree, take this additional step: apply for a forestry permit at https://parks.coloradosprings.gov/parks-recreation-and-cultural-services/webform/forestry-permit-request. Under Work to be Done, select “plant.” Under Company Doing the Work, insert “homeowner;” planting does not need to be done by a licensed tree service. Application deadline is March 15. City Forestry will confirm the planting site after receipt of your application. If you need a stump removed, contact a private tree contractor to have this done before April.

The trees arrive mid-April. You will receive information about the pick-up date, location, and time. You will be responsible for planting and caring for your new tree and will receive planting and watering instructions. Any questions, email us at info@msrna.org.

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