January 15, 2018

2018 MSRNA Tree Sale

Neighborhood Tree program sold out for 2018!

UPDATE 3/15/18: We are sold out! You can get on the list for next year, if you like.

This is MSRNA’s fifth neighborhood tree planting project. How it works: MSRNA buys trees from Trees Across Colorado then offers them for sale to residents in our neighborhood. TAC is a program of the Colorado Tree Coalition (coloradotrees.org) and provides trees to towns and community groups all over the state.

Over the past six years more than 100 trees have been planted to replace the many trees lost to disease, old age, and drought. Our neighborhood tree program diversifies the trees shading our streets, yards, and homes with species suited to our climate. Since 2012, a portion of each MSRNA membership has gone to the Tree Fund. Our priority is to increase the number of hardy trees along our streets, between the sidewalk and the curb.


If you want to plant a street tree, you need to apply for a forestry permit at https://parks.coloradosprings.gov/parks-recreation-and-cultural-services/webform/forestry-permit-request. Under Work to be Done, select “plant.” Under Company Doing the Work, insert “homeowner;” planting does not need to be done by a licensed tree service. City Forestry will confirm the planting site after receipt of your application. If you need a stump removed, contact a private tree contractor to have this done.

Any questions, email us at info@msrna.org.