May 30, 2018

Homelessness issues

The board of directors of Middle Shooks Run Neighborhood Association met with Andy Phelps, City Homeless Prevention and Response Coordinator and Middle Shooks Run resident, in May 2018. He outlined the problems of homelessness in our community and brought us up to date concerning progress made and future plans.

Andy invited anyone in the community to contact him at regarding information and how individuals can help. Here is a 7-page brief on homelessness issues and approaches in Colorado Springs from Richard Skorman, City Council President, and Andy Phelps. Click here: Skorman-Phelps Homelessness Brief MAY 2018 UPDATE-1

The City of Colorado Springs will be launching a new approach: the “Better Way to Give” campaign aimed at educating residents about how they can effectively help by giving directly to service providers while discouraging giving to panhandlers. The campaign will include strategically placed signs at key panhandling spots in the City, setting up a text-to-give functionality and an informative website. Signage will also be offered to downtown businesses.

The next board of directors meeting for MSRNA is set for June 13, 2018. For more information please contact