September 30, 2018

New trees for the neighborhood

Willamette Street

Fall is a great time to think about adding a tree to your yard. Do you have space for a street tree or a tree in your yard? Are you longing for some fall color or spring flowers? Would you like a large shade tree or small ornamental tree? We will have a tree for you during our spring tree sale.

MSRNA has brought over 120 trees into the neighborhood since 2012 with the goal of expanding and diversifying our urban forest. MSRNA is committed to replacing the many street trees we have lost over recent years and we share the cost of those trees with homeowners.

Our 2019 tree order will include oak, Tatarian maple, fruitless  white crabapple, Kentucky coffeetree, and redbud. All trees are well-rooted and hardy species adapted to our climate and soils. Trees cost between $35 and $65 depending on variety and planting location.

The tree sale will begin in earnest in January, but early reservations are accepted at any time. If you are interested in more information, send us an email at