July 29, 2019

Join our Creek Week Cleanup!

Saturday, September 28, 9am to 12:00pm

Two locations to register and get trash bags:
North Shooks Run Park (north of Willamette) & John “Prairie Dog” O’Byrne Park on Bijou Street. Look for our tables and supplies.

There is still time to sign-up for events!  Please Register here and be a part of the single largest cleanup event in the State! Or just stop by on Saturday morning, sign the waiver, and grab a trash bag or two.

Kids with adult supervision are welcome! All youth volunteers aged 8 through 17 must be supervised by an adult 21 years or okder with a ratio of one adult per four children/youth. Children under age 8 must be paired with one adult at all times. Adult volunteers should work in groups of at least two. Gloves, sturdy shoes, drinking water, and weather appropriate clothing are recommended.

Smartphone users can access the GoCoSprings app (https://www.springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=3473) to report suspicious items, camps, and/or hazardous materials. (This is available year-round, not just during Creek Week.

Citizen Science opportunity:

As a Creek Week Volunteer you can be part of the Fountain Creek Watershed Biodiversity Survey. Take photos of all the flora and fauna, including birds and aquatic species (crawdads, insects, etc) that you see in your clean-up area. Download the FREE iNaturalist app (https://www.inaturalist.org) to your phone or computer. Before the cleanup, familiarize yourself with the app. Search for the ‘Fountain Creek Watershed Biodiversity Survey’. Knowing how many species and the species types are vital to preserving and protecting the habitats of our wildlife.