April 14, 2020

Earth Week Creek Cleanup!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

9am to 12pm


A great opportunity to celebrate 50th anniversary of Earth Day and to get outside with family to work toward a common cause–something we could all use right now! Individuals and families are welcome.

Just be sure to keep six feet away from non-household members. Please stay safe and follow the health guidelines! No group activities. Wear a mask. Gloves and sturdy shoes strongly recommended. Stay safe!

Register and get trash bags (or bring your own) at one of these locations:

  • Prairie Dog O’Byrne Park at Bijou and Corona Streets
  • North Shooks Run Park on Franklin just north of Williamette.

Stay safe! Don’t pick up any syringes (just let us know where they are) or any active camping stuff (you may find homeless camps).

No alternate date if it rains or snows. Use common sense. We will have another cleanup in the fall.