September 19, 2017

Creek Clean-up on October 21, 2017

Our neighborhood association will organize the fall Shooks Run Creek Clean-up from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday, October 21. Volunteers can come any time during those hours and help clean up the riparian area.

Start at the information tables at either John “Prairie Dog” O’Byrne Park (509 E. Bijou Street) or North Shooks Run Park north of Willamette at 706 N. Franklin.

Trash bags will be available for volunteers. Please bring sturdy shoes, gloves, hat, and drinking water. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

In case of bad weather (rain, snow, cold) please come on November 4 instead.

July 24, 2017

Envision Shooks Run meeting–Aug. 8, 5-7pm

You are invited to the 6th and final in a series of Envision Shooks Run Public Workshops: Sustainable Infrastructure Plan
When: Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Time:   5:00 – 7:00 p.m., presentation at 5:30 p.m.
Where: First Presbyterian Weber Street Center
             105 N. Weber Street, 
             Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(Free parking lot just north of the building)
During the last public meeting, the community reviewed the draft Facilities Master Plan (FMP) for the 4-mile Shooks Run corridor. This plan details the improvements and changes to streets, bridges, drainage infrastructure, stream/trail, and various destination elements along the corridor. The FMP was presented to city boards, committees, commissions and councils between October 2016 and February 2017 as part of the effort to finalize the FMP. Development of the companion document, the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan (SIP), has been underway since then. At Public Meeting #6 key parts of the SIP will be presented to the community.
The long-term Envision Shooks Run plan will enable the City to make strategic decisions on infrastructure needs, priorities and implementation. The plans will also provide guidance to make improvements in an informed and fiscally responsible manner to maximize improvements to the corridor. The City will also have a starting point for the path to fulfill the community-desired vision for Shooks Run over the next 50 years.

July 23, 2017

Bike In Live Theater — July 16, 2017

Lots of bicycles, lots of families on bicycles, and lots of rootbeer floats served by Middle Shooks Run Neighborhood Association board members and friends were part of a very special event in North Shooks Run Park.

Kids on Bikes sponsored bike decorating and a kids bike parade. The Mobile Music Project powered a popular kids karoake session as well as live music by Lost Luggage and Dawn & Hawkes. Activities were topped off with a live performance by Millibo Art Theater A great time was had by all!

April 23, 2017

Shooks Run Spring Cleanup a Success

On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, with overcast skies, some light snow and rain, we had a good time cleaning up the creek and removing trash. The stats:

  • 36 participants
  • 14 cubic yard roll-off nearly filled with trash
  • 1.2 miles of Shooks Run cleaned up

Thank you to Bin There Dump That for generously donating the roll-off!
Thank you to Harriett, Shari, Janelle and Antony, Nancy, and Scully for providing pickup trucks to shuttle trash to the roll-off.
Thank you to all our participants: Konrad, Rebecca Lukas, Martin, Nancy, Michael, Bernie, Julie, Abigail, Sama, Pete, Scully, Ander, Kyle, Tomas, Cameron, Tom, Vic, Mark, Harriett, Annie, Margot, Claire, Amelia, Annie, Kami, Shari, Peg, Mark, Kirk, Robin, Greg, Megan, Maria, Eric, and Jennifer.

April 10, 2017

Help clean up the creek on Earth Day

Earth Day! Saturday, April 22
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Shooks Run parks

We need your help to pick up trash in the neighborhood creek. Socialize, make a difference, enjoy the outdoors!

  • Please wear boots and gloves and bring your own water.
  • We have a brief list of do’s and don’ts to keep everyone safe.
  • Kids accompanied by an adult are welcome to participate.

Register and pick up trash bags at one of these locations:

Prairie Dog O’Byrne Park at Bijou and Corona
North Shooks Run Park on Franklin just north of Willamette

Spend an hour or two anytime between 9:00 and 1:00. The worst area is usually at the south end–Pikes Peak, Kiowa, Bijou streets–but we’re cleaning all the way from Pikes Peak Avenue to Uintah Street.

April 2, 2017

Keep Shooks Run green: Plant a tree!

MSRNA is pleased to announce our 4th annual neighborhood tree-planting project. Over the past five years we have planted over 90 trees in our neighborhood! To celebrate Arbor Day, we have been planting trees in the parks with the help of third-graders from Columbia Elementary. Mainly we buy trees from Trees Across Colorado and bring them to our neighborhood for homeowners to plant in their yards.

Our Sustainable Tree Fund helps replace trees lost to disease, old age and drought and helps diversify the urban forest shading our streets, yards, and homes with species suited to our climate. MSRNA members like you have helped support the Tree Fund with a portion of your membership dues.


Our priority is to increase the number of hardy trees planted along our streets, between the sidewalk and the curb (street trees). For this reason, we offer trees for street planting at half our cost and trees for yard planting at cost. The following trees will be planted in our neighborhood this year because of our tree project:

Medium to Large shade trees:
Bur Oak,    English Oak,   and Kentucky Coffeetree, and Glenleven (littleleaf) Linden

Smaller shade trees:
Tatarian Maple ‘Hot Wings’ and Tree Lilac ‘China Snow’

If you want to plant a street tree and think you have space for one, you’ll need to take these steps:

Questions? Contact us

February 17, 2017

Safer, cleaner waterways & parks

What You Can Do

  • Contact information: when you have concerns about homeless camps (non-emergency) you can call HOT at 444-7666 to report illegal encampments and discarded debris. Please leave specific location information so problem areas can be identified. From your smart phone, you can send email to
  • Call 444-7000 for non-emergency concerns: suspicious persons or cars or activity going on. Be patient, CSPD prioritizes calls and will followup.  The police are here to help the community–call as often as you see activity with as much information as possible so the police will see the pattern. Use your phone to take photos. Download the Colorado Springs app:  https:dos// to report problems.
  • Click on “Notes – Homeless Issues” to read the minutes of the neighborhood meeting of neighbors and City personnel:  Notes – Homeless Issues 2-15-17
  • Our neighborhood association cleans the creek twice a year, removing between 5 and 15 cubic yards of trash each time. You can help by participating in our Spring cleanup on April 22!

Services for the Homeless
Springs Rescue Mission has opened a large shelter facility for homeless people to be open 24-7, 365 days a year. Social services will also be available on-site. It’s unlikely that this facility and other smaller facilities will be full which means that CSPD will be able to enforce the no camping in parks law. When you donate to charities, ask them what their position is on providing affordable housing.
Cleaning Up the Parks
The HOT team works with the city’s Code Enforcement’s Quality of Life team members and Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful to remove trash and abandoned camps. They have already removed tons of debris. It takes time to clean up all the abandoned camps. You can help by reporting locations of camps or debris.
The city’s Water Resources (Stormwater) staffing has increased. They have removed vegetation along the Greenway Trail (Monument Creek and Fountain Creek). They will need more funds for clearing vegetation along the Midland Trail (westside) and Shooks Run Trail in 2017.

November 7, 2016

Crime and Neighborhood Safety

Seems like our close-to-downtown neighborhoods have seen a rash of break-ins and vehicle thefts. Here are some things you can do: watch for suspicious behavior. To know what looks suspicious, know your neighbors and their cars. Call 444 7000 or file an on-line Police report if you have had criminal behavior done to your property.
If there is an imminent threat to you or a neighbor, call 911.
Be a good witness, get a car license number, a physical description of the perpetrator, but do not confront at situation yourself. Use your cell phone camera if you have one.
Start with your own home and personal safety: are car doors locked, home locked, windows locked, security lights with motion detectors? Do you look before you answer your door? With the holiday approaching, talk with your neighbors about packages being delivered; and, would they be willing to hold them if you are not home? The criminal mind does not care about you, they just want your stuff and are opportunists. They do NOT want to be noticed and will avoid areas where there are people around.
More information about Neighborhood Watch can be found at:
and there’s a Neighborhood Watch training Nov. 16, Stetson Hills Police Station.

Homeless camping in the parks

Our neighborhood’s Fall Creek Clean-up removed a tremendous amount of trash and abandoned belongings from the creek and adjacent areas. Thanks to two dozen neighbors volunteering their time and the help of Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful! Councilperson Jill Gaebler also helped in the clean-up.

The MSRNA board is concerned about the homeless camping in neighborhood parks and we are trying to work with City staff to remove vegetation and trash, increase police presence, and work on longer-term solutions for homelessness. Until there are more overnight shelter accommodations, the police will not ticket campers in the parks. A neighborhood meeting on homeless issues is currently in the planning stage.

September 26, 2016

The Use of Herbicides in Our Parks

Controversy has arisen recently over the use of two common herbicides to treat weeds in the city parks –glyphosate and 2,4-D. We urge people to utilize sources of information that are based on scientific study. One source is the National Pesticide Information Center (

According to the NPIC, there is no conclusive evidence that glyphosate or 2,4-D causes cancer. The latest scientific studies have led the European Food Safety Agency, UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, and the EPA to conclude that glyphosate is NOT likely to cause cancer in humans. ( The important facts to remember are that both glyphosate and 2,4-D have low toxicity, are broken down in the soil by bacteria, and exposure is eliminated by not touching treated vegetation while it is still wet.

Colorado Springs parks are treated for weed control only once or twice a year, as their very limited budget allows. The contractors follow strict procedures that minimize exposure to the public and prevent drift beyond the park; also, they do not spray near Shooks Run Creek. The Parks Department regularly tests new herbicides to find those most effective in our area with the lowest risk to the public and the environment.

  • MSRNA is in favor of continued testing of alternative herbicides to identify the most effective and least harmful treatments
  • MSRNA is working with Parks to provide the MSR neighborhood advance notification when spraying will be done in North and Mid Shooks Run and O’Byrne Parks; signage will be improved
  • MSRNA will continue to work with Parks to create healthy and diverse park habitats within the neighborhood while saving water and other resources and being conscious of budgetary constraints
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