Citizens raising concerns can indeed effect change!

Update to the discussion about the recommendation for the one-way couplet for Platte Avenue and Boulder Street: the project has been dropped from the list of city projects to be funded by the 1% PPRTA3 sales tax (if approved by voters in November). Instead, PPRTA3 funding would pay for “must-do” items: structural retaining walls and bridges on Platte at El Paso Street, and intersection work at Union.

A presentation to the PPRTA Board on June 8, the Shooks Run Neighborhood Meeting on June 9, and citizens organizing (, yard signs and online petition) around the oneway couplet issue has led the City to drop the one-way couplet from the PPRTA projects list. City project staff will schedule a Character Workshop for Shooks Run and Knob Hill neighbors to develop a range of solutions for our segment of the Platte Avenue corridor later this summer or fall.

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