Issues raised at Neighborhood Meeting June 9

The Platte Avenue Corridor Study concluded (as presented in the City’s May 2022 Project Newsletter and at Public Open House events in May) that in the Central Corridor, Platte and Boulder should be converted to one-way couplet and reallocate travel lanes to other multimodal uses.

In response to neighbors’ concerns, the Middle Shooks Run Neighborhood Association organized a Neighborhood Meeting on June 9, 2022. We invited elected representatives as well as project staff to attend in order for neighbors to express their concerns about proposed changes and ask questions. More than 100 residents came to the meeting.

This is what we heard from neighbors at that meeting:

  1. Concern about traffic flow data—when did traffic count occur? What are current numbers and where can data be accessed?
  2. Concern about negative effects on Palmer High School and traffic turns
  3. Questions about reasons for choosing one-way couplet solution. Need to consider other options such as mass transit on Boulder, leave Platte alone with some calming measures.
  4. Suggestion to use stoplights to regulate speed. Doesn’t seem to work currently.
  5. Current couplet downtown (Bijou-Kiowa) has problems. How will this de different? Concern about safety of kids at elementary school
  6. There was universal concern about impact on access to Memorial Hospital—not just ambulances but general traffic and regional use. Alternative routes will put traffic through neighborhoods. It was noted that minutes matter for life/death in many medical emergencies.
  7. Pikes Peak Avenue was suggested as an alternative East/West corridor for focus and improvements
  8. Concern how it affects schools—what makes it safe for kids?
  9. Concern about having on-street parking for residents who don’t have off-street parking
  10. Lack of trust that the bike lanes will be safe, based on changes to bike lanes in the downtown area.
  11. Concern about destroying Platte’s medians to provide for transit means less green space!
  12. Concern that one-way couplet will promote cutting through on side streets between Platte and Boulder.
  13. Need to study effect on other streets including Willamette—how can proposal be made without study of whole corridor?
  14. Concern that one-way streets lead to more speeding and need for law enforcement.
  15. More study of whole corridor (streets to north and south) is needed.
  16. What about lane switching at different times of the day? What is the effect on business?
  17. Can’t we adjust current traffic signals?
  18. Reduced number of lanes are enough to last until 2045? Really?
  19. Concern that one way streets negatively impact revenue of businesses on Platte and Boulder.

Our conclusion is that there are plenty of concerns from a large segment of our neighborhood and in general, the one-way couplet is a no-go for many neighbors.

MSRNA is willing and looks forward to facilitate neighbors working with the City staff in in a format that allows a free exchange of information, questions, and opinion.


The Middle Shooks Run Neighborhood Association Board of Directors

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